Visas and consular services

Consular fees

The consular fees in Romania are settled by Law No.198/2008, as amended, in EUR, as fixed values.

For countries with other currency, the fees are calculated each month on an average basis of the currency exchange rate against EUR.

In U.S., the currency is U.S. Dollar (USD), so the fees are (re)calculated each month, based on the EUR/USD exchange rates from the previous month.  

The average EUR/USD exchange rate for July 2018 was 1,1686.

The list of the fees for consular services, used for August 2018, can be found here:

Attention: Not all the possible situations are covered in the Table of fees, each situation being assessed individually. Also, according to the Law No.1/2017, most of the consular services were exempted from the payment of a fee.


- last revision: July 31, 2018 -

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