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No-Objection Statement

In order to extend their lawful stay in the US, for fulfilling their studies or employment obligations, after the completion of the program by which they were given J1 visa, the exchange visitors, subjects to the two-year foreign residence requirement as stated in Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, need to obtain the permission of the U.S. authorities (Waiver Review Division) and accordingly, to change their visa type (from J1). For more information, please visit

The U.S. authorities will allow the extension of stay for the holders of a J1 visa (waiver of the two-year residence requirement) upon receiving the “no-objection statement” from the Embassy of Romania to Washington, D.C.

Bear in mind that obtaining the "No objection statement" from the Embassy is just a step in the hole procedure with the US authorities. So, we advice the applicants to address themself to them first and, after launching the change of status procedure and fileing the DS-2019 form, to start the "No objection letter" with us.

The no-objection statement will be released with the fulfillment of the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be the bearer of a VALID Romanian passport and a J1 visa;
  • The program by which the applicant was granted J1 visa was not financed by the Romanian Government;
  • The other additional US requirements have been met (please, refer to the the website: for instructions on how to submit the No Objection Statement);
  • The existence of a request of change of status addressed tot the American authorities;
  • No debts towards an employer from Romania or the Romanian State;
  • A solid reason to continue his/her stay in USA.

IMPORTANT! This procedure will be requested by the Romanian citizen for himself. No third part persons are allowed to represent the Romanian citizen and the dialogue will be conducted ONLY with him, not through third part persons/lawyers. ANY request received from third part persons/lawyers will be returned unprocessed!

In order to get the no objection statement, the applicant must follow the instructions for requesting the consular service through and then submit the following documents (either personally, or by mail):

  1. A letter from the Romanian National Ministry of Education (Bucharest) stating that the applicant has not been granted any scholarship to study in the US (for details follow this link:, not older than 1 year from the date of issue;
  2. A certificate issued by the Romanian IRS of the city of domicile (from Romania) - "Direcţia Taxe şi Impozite Locale", showing that the applicant does not owe any debts to the state, not older than 6 month from the date of issue;
  3. A letter from the last employer in Romania, as the case may be, stating that the applicant has no contractual obligation or debts to that employer; in case of no contracts were closed in Romania before coming to U.S., a legalized Statement (with Apostille, as case might be) will be provided, stating this situation;
  4. A letter from the employer in the US (in English), as the case might be, that proves the need for further stay in U.S.; for unemployed persons, a legalized Statement (with Apostille, as case might be), mentioning the present status in U.S. and the reason of extending the stay.
  5. A copy of applicant's VALID Romanian passport (copy of the 2 pages with personal data and copy of the US J1 visa);
  6. A copy of applicant's DS-2019 form (formerly IAP-66 form);
  7. The Form (click here for download) filled and signed by the applicant, in original.

Processing time: 10 business days

Starting February 1, 2017, this consular service is free of charge. Also, from March 1, 2017, the No Objection Statement will be sent electronically to the U.S. Department od State, not by mail. Therefore, no envelope is needed anymore, as before.

Attention! The letters/documents issued by the public/private institutions must be submitted in original. Ensure that the originals will be included in the exchange visitor's file. The case file number issued by the Waiver Review Division must appear on the form you submit with your   personal data. Not including the required documents may result in rejecting the application !


We advise you to read the Romanian version of this page, which adds a lot of information important to the Romanian citizens requesting this service, in order to correctly apply for it, from here:

Send all correspondence to:

Embassy of Romania
Consular Section
1607 23 rd Street, NW
Washington, D.C. , 20008

 - revised on March 10, 2017 -

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