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Opening of "I am" art exhibition promoting young Romanian artists

The Embassy of Romania to the United States partnered with the online art gallery Atelier Mix and the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library to exhibit, in Washington, the artworks of 16 young contemporary Romanian artists.

Part of the Europe Week events in Washington DC, the I am art exhibition featured over 20 paintings made by Marius Burhan, Dragoș Burlacu, Cristian Gaspar, Ruxandra Răileanu, Alexandra Lupşe, Irina Neacșu, Gina Șter, Delia Călinescu, Jean Albu, Ovidiu Cloșca, Daniel Tufiș, Matei Enric, Claudiu Ciobanu, Sorana Țăruș, Nectaria Radu and Lucian Lupu.

In the official opening of the exhibition, the Romanian ambassador to the U.S., Adrian Vieriţa emphasized the role that contemporary art has in presenting to the American public the two great assets of modern Romania: its youth and its creativity.

The curators took the opportunity to introduce the Romanian artists featured in the exhibition to the numerous guests, both through their paintings and through photos depicting scenes from their workshops.

The exhibition is on display at Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library (3310 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008) form May 9th to May 13th. Free admission.  



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